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Condado is an oceanfront, tree-lined pedestrian-oriented community located east of the historic colonial district of Old San Juan. The land area measures 203.81 acres with a resident population of 6,170 according to the 2000 United States Census.

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Condado offers a vibrant, modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle jam-packed with restaurants, bars, as well as private schools, hospitals and anything else you can need.


Condos are a popular choice of many people who come to Puerto Rico. The knowledgeable team at Move 2 Condado can show you beautiful two or three bedroom luxury condos or the perfect economical studio on the beach. Whether you want the excitement of downtown or the tranquility of an ocean view, we have listings for you to explore.


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Puerto Rico, is a small island territory located in the Caribbean Sea east of the island Hispaniola. In 1493, the island was claimed by Spain in 1493 following Columbus' second voyage to the Americas. When you move to the island and buy your home in Puerto Rico, all of your investment income, capital gains, dividends, etc. are completely tax-free. In addition, there is no federal income tax for Puerto Rican residents. This is the perfect reason to buy Real Estate in San Juan or any one of our wonderful cities.


San Juan is the center of Caribbean shipping and is the 2nd largest sea port in the area (after New York City). The cost of living here is 28.80% less that NY. There are only mild variations in climate with temperatures that average between 80-85°F during the summer and 75-80°F in winter.


If you like to hike mountain trails, see beautiful waterfalls, grand vistas and a variety of birds and flora, you will love it here. A trip to El Yunque is a visit to a primitive land that has remained virtually unchanged for millennia.

Rum is Puerto Rico’s libation of choice and the island's chief export. Puerto Rico and rum go way back ... about 400 years, give or take a decade. Bacardi and Don Q are the largest producers on the island. Enjoy some when you visit the restaurants and nightlife in Condado. World class chefs and fabulous dining awaits.


If you and your family love water sports, a day at the beach and gorgeous sunsets on the horizon, there are over 270 miles of beaches for you to enjoy in Puerto Rico. Check out this guide to help you figure out which beach to go to. When you are ready to look for your new seaside home or beach front condo let our team at Move 2 Condado is your guide. Call us today to view listings in Puerto Rico at 787-403-0177 or email us now.